How You Can Make Your iPhone louder

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Most iPhone models released in the past few years have good onboard speakers and are loud enough to watch a movie, play games on, or listen to music with. Sometimes, however, you wish the sound was just a little louder. Don’t worry. Here are six simple hacks that can make your iPhone speaker sound louder without investing in Bluetooth speakers or expensive headphones.

1. Change your iPhone’s EQ settings

The simplest trick to make your music play even louder is by changing the iPhone’s EQ settings. The EQ settings are “off” by default. However, you have the option to choose from different settings such as Hip-Hop, Loudness, Flat or Late Night. Select Late Night because it actually tones down loud sounds and turns up quiet ones, which makes music sound louder. Head to Settings app > Music > EQ > Late Night. Once you choose the ‘Late Night’  option, you will immediately hear the difference. Try it yourself and see if the trick works.

2. Turn Off iPhone’s Volume Limiter

There’s a chance you may have set volume limits on your iPhone. The feature is there to ensure you don’t damage your hearing while playing the music too loud. But it’s quite possible you have enabled this option. To do so: Open Settings > Music > Volume Limit. Just make sure it has been turned off.

3. Cup your hand around speaker end of iPhone

If you are watching a YouTube video while holding the iPhone in your hand, cup your hand around the speaker.  This will divert the sound toward you.

4. Put the iPhone in an empty bowl

This is another great hack to make the iPhone’s speakers sound loud. All you need is to find an empty bowl, and place your iPhone. Just make sure the speakers are pointed downwards. This will create an echo chamber that amplifies the sound.

5. Turn iPhone upside down

This solution requires common sense and nothing else. The speakers on the iPhone are on the bottom, so if you use a phone stand to prop up your device, the speaker pushes the sound towards the tablet. If you are listening to music, simply turn the phone upside down. This way the sound will reflect upwards, which can help the iPhone sound louder.

6. The Wall method

Another method to make your iPhone louder is by placing your phone on a table adjacent to a wall and angle it at 45 degrees to that wall. This allows the sound to bounce back off the surface, making the music sound louder.